Dr Jane Goodall is one of the world's most well-known, respected and passionate conservationists and scientists. All of us know her from her groundbreaking studies of chimpanzees in the wild at Gombe, Tanzania, which revolutionised the way that we think about the relationships between chimpanzees and humans.

The exhibition 'Becoming Jane', developed by Globe Creative in Hong Kong with the full cooperation of the Jane Goodall Institute, was launched in the Hong Kong Science Museum. Here, the exhibition hall has been transformed into an African jungle to reflect the chimpanzees' habitat. Visitors have the opportunity to learn more about chimpanzees, including their unique kinship with humans, the emotions displayed through their facial expressions, their ability to make and use tools, and their medicinal use of plants from their natural habitat.

MCW developed a holographic projection for this unique exhibition, in which we see Jane working at her camp and addressing the visitors.

We also developed a 'Chimp Gesture Application', which allows visitors to experience chimpanzee gestures and expressions that are not exactly the same as those of humans. 

As the Jungle was designed and built with paper and cardboard, the entire exhibition has been made very environmentally friendly. It also resulted in a fantastic design!

We hope that this exhibition will contribute to awareness about environmental conservation and especially encourage young people to embrace stewardship of our planet.

It was an honour to be a part of creating this exhibition!