The history of the Oranje is fascinating; during its lifetime, the ship assumed numerous roles and guises. From luxury passenger liner built in the late 1930s to provide regular service between the Dutch East Indies and the Netherlands to hospital ship during World War Two.

After the war, thousands of people 'repatriated' from Indonesia to the Netherlands on board the Oranje, heading for a new home. Consisting of two parts, the exhibition sheds light on the historyof the ship as well as the personal stories of the 'repatriated'.

Amazing film footage and still photographs chronicling everything from the christening of the ship in 1938 to the years long after the war have been preserved. To underpin the history of the MS Oranje and the personal stories of the post-war migrants, MCW produced four different films that incorporate the archival material.

This exhibition runs from 8 September 2018 through 18 July 2019 at the National Maritime Museum (Het Scheepvaartmuseum) in Amsterdam.