Over the past period we've been working on an upgrade of the Feyenoord Museum. The former players' tunnel, where numerous club icons have walked on their way to De Kuip's sacred turf, has undergone a facelift.

For the exhibit in the tunnel we have selected, edited and designed a dozen black and white photographs from the Piet Bouts archive in collaboration with the museum, on which numerous club icons and cult heroes can be admired. Among others Coen Moulijn, Willem van Hanegem, Ulrich van Gobbel, Dirk Kuijt and Wim Jansen can be admired on the photo wall.

At the top of the stairs of the tunnel a film shows special stories of former Feyenoorders who once prepared for a match in the tunnel. When visitors enter the tunnel, an overwhelming soundscape starts with stadium sounds and the photo presentation is illuminated dynamically and synchronously.

We realized the photo presentation in collaboration with Heijmerink Wagemakers, Pronk and 50LUX.

Browse through ‘De Feyenoorder’

In addition to the photo presentation, we have digitized dozens of historical vintages of the official club organ 'De Feyenoorder' and designed a special browsing application. Visitors of the museum can browse through the volumes and read the special stories of the past.