“If you can dream it, you can do it” – Enzo Ferrari

Ferrari, 70 years of legendary passion, glamour and innovation in the automotive industry. Especially for the City of Dreams casino, Globe Creative and MCW created what can only be described as a very special exhibition, featuring 10 of the rarest Ferraris in starring roles.

MCW had the distinct pleasure of composing all of the sound designs for this exhibition. It was quite an honour! The exhibition comprises an open space showing off various facets of Ferrari: Enzo Ferrari, the design, the cars' structure, racing, customers and Ferrari today. Composing sound designs for a single, large space was quite a challenge, with each part of the exhibition requiring a specific mood, but everything taken together needing to remain in harmony.

Martijn de Man, our sound designer, created a very special composition and then fine-tuned it all himself, on the spot. The result is a true treat for the ears!

Ferrari Under the skin