The historic sailing logger VL 92 Balder is moored in front of the Museum Vlaardingen. The Balder was built in 1912 at the shipyard of A. de Jong in Vlaardingen. The ship has been used for many years as a fishing vessel for herring fishing.

From 1962 to 1976 the ship served as an educational ship for the Visserijschool in Scheveningen. In 1976 the Scheepvaartmuseum in Amsterdam bought it. A major rebuild followed in which the logger was returned to its original condition as much as possible. In 2006 Museum Vlaardingen acquired ownership of the ship. The Balder has a riveted steel hull and deck. The deck is provided with a wooden finishing layer and furnished with attributes specific to the fishing industry. On the stern is the sloop and aft cabin. On the fore ship is the crew quarters with galley and berths.

Due to the Corona measures the ship is now not accessible for visitors of the museum. A digital three-dimensional tour offers a solution! MCW is currently working with the Balder foundation and Museum Vlaardingen on a multi-purpose multimedia program, so that visitors can still experience the beautiful ship, the beautiful stories and herring fishing in the 1920s.

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