This summer, an enormous 20-meter-long replica of a blue whale is the eye-catching centrepiece of the IFC Mall in Hong Kong, transforming the mall's atrium into a spectacular undersea world.

The blue whale is part of an exhibition that extends across three islands and informs visitors about oceanic life. Rare fossils, unique film footage and five real-life whale stories immerse visitors in the world of the blue whale.

Together with Globe Creative, MCW developed a realistic AR experience in which the gigantic blue whale, along with a blue whale calf, come to life and then explore the ocean – both above and below the waves – together.

When a visitor looks at the blue whale through the camera's lens, the atrium seems to ‘fill’ with water and the visitor has the feeling of moving through an underwater world. Swarms of jellyfish, like something out of a fairy tale, and enormous schools of krill yield an overall experience that thrills and overwhelms the senses.

The script, the AR programming and the animations were created by MCW in close cooperation with Globe Creative.